Using the Law for a Better World 🌍

Good Law Project's Digital Transformation

The Challenge

Good Law Project (GLP) is a beacon of hope for people who believe in leveraging the law for a better world. Founded by Jo Maugham KC, this not-for-profit campaign organisation has taken on a myriad of issues — from championing transparency to good governance  —   achieving tangible victories.

Noteworthy among these is their key role in overturning the prorogation of the UK Parliament in 2019. In 2020, the organisation achieved another significant milestone. Collaborating with environmental groups, Friends of the Earth and Client Earth, GLP took legal action which culminated in the High Court ruling the UK Government’s Net Zero strategy as unlawful.

Image of one of GLP's crowdfunders using SmartRaise

Being primarily funded by public donations and crowdfunding, GLP is fiercely independent. By 2023, and with high growth, they recognised a crucial need. Their digital infrastructure required an overhaul to improve reporting, refine the supporter experience, and achieve operational efficiency. They aimed to harness data to make evidence-based decisions, particularly about their fundraising appeals, and operate in a more agile manner.

The Solution

The Royal Courts of Justice London

After an exhaustive search for a partner to support their transformation journey, GLP’s technology team chose SmartRaise to address all their donation needs. The collaboration between GLP and SmartRaise saw numerous enhancements:

  1. Donation Forms: The migration of website donation forms to SmartRaise mean that donors have a seamless experience. Now, GLP can accept payments via UK Direct Debit, Card, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. The flexibility of the form builder allowed GLP to design specific forms for varying campaigns.
  2. Data Integration: With a transition to Salesforce, all metadata and tags crucial for tracking were integrated to ensure smooth transitions between systems.
  3. Crowdfunding: GLP and SmartRaise jointly developed features that improved the user-journey. An example is the crowdfunding feature which lets GLP run real-time campaigns with social-proof directly on their Wordpress site, eliminating the need for third-party platforms.
  4. Better Supporter Experience: With Clear Honest Design, GLP's design agency, they integrated SmartRaise's embedded forms into various user actions such as sharing to social media and completing petitions.
  5. MailChimp Integration: A new connection with MailChimp enabled better fundraising analytics, allowing GLP to track donations and segment their audience based on donation history.

The Results

Thanks to their collaboration with SmartRaise, GLP's campaign team has seen transformative results:

  • Insightful Data: The team can now glean actionable insights from their fundraising efforts, optimising strategies based on real-time data.
  • Improved Donor Experience: Feedback from donors has been overwhelmingly positive, particularly regarding the new crowdfunding initiatives.
  • Cost Savings: The "cover the fee" feature suggests donors cover the processing fees. This simple yet effective feature has resulted in more funds reaching GLP's intended causes.
  • Increased Donations: Using SmartRaise’s nudge automations, on one trial GLP noted an 8% uptick in donors choosing to increase their monthly contributions.
Over the past year Good Law Project has gone through an organisation wide Digital Transformation process, reviewing our entire tech stack and moving to more appropriate systems. The only system we’ve kept is SmartRaise, because we’ve found them such a joy to deal with. Unlike many companies SmartRaise care deeply about the experience we have working with them. They love to hear our ideas for improving the tech, and have an amazing track record for turning ideas into live solutions.

 Johnny Chatterton, Director of Campaign Technology and Innovation

SmartRaise have been crucial to us figuring out how to give a better experience to our supporters, by getting more insight from our technology systems. They have been a fantastic partner as we’ve refreshed our technology, and keep their finger on the pulse of how they can improve their products. Their customer service is sensational, which is why we always encourage people to consider using them.

Andreea Atudorei, Digital Transformation Manager