Online Donation Forms and Pages done right ❤️

Creating a user-friendly donation experience on your website is critical

What's the deal?

With donation forms, the key is simplicity. That means having as little friction as possible - making the giving process easy!

With SmartRaise's new forms feature, you can fully customise everything to your needs and brand.

Let's face it most online donation forms are frustrating and basically really suck. We’ve invested a lot of time in testing the donation form user experience to make it truly best-in-class. That means:

  • Better Checkout Design: Less text, less data fields, less steps. Less friction = more donations.
  • Local Payment Options: Offer local payment types (Credit Card, Direct Debit, ACH)
  • Mobile and one-touch payments: Offer mobile wallets (Apple Pay, Google Pay) and Stripe 1-Click Link payments.
  • Encourage Recurring Giving: Suggest regular giving above one-time. Nudge towards direct debit in design.

Embed Donation Forms

Example from SmartRaise customer

SmartRaise forms can be embedded on any website, including WordPress, Webflow, NationBuilder, and pretty much any other CMS. That means you can create unlimited donation forms with customisable text and colours for as many campaigns as needed.

Form Builder and Custom Fields

With the form builder, you can collect important custom information. Examples include GDPR consents in Europe and Gift Aid in the UK. Or any other fields you need, such as age or dedication information.

The new form builder allows almost unlimited options for custom forms

In-line Donation Forms

Example from Eurozine of an embed in-line with article content.

Meet your donors where they are! With in-line forms, you can place donation asks in context directly in articles and with campaign content on any website or publication.

Easy Donation Page Builder

You can quickly build donaiton landing pages with SmartRaise's CMS

SmartRaise includes a built-in donation page builder - ideal if you need to start quickly. This allows you to create standalone donation landing pages branded to your cause. In addition, you can easily add photos and text for your campaign.

One-Time, Monthly or Annual

Lot's of different options for recurring giving

Encourage recurring giving with one-time and recurring giving options on the same form. With SmartRaise, you can offer supporters the opportunity to give monthly and annually in a regular subscription (+ you get the best retention tools on the market).

Better Tracking, Tagging and Analytics

You can tag sources based on a number of criteria.

From running hundreds of campaigns, we know tracking is critical and often hard to do with other tools. With SmartRasie, you can include code from tools like Google Analytics and tags to track specific campaigns as metadata on your forms. That means you can easily attribute donations and improve your content.

No-Code + Developer Friendly

While anyone can use the SmartRaise CMS to build donation forms and pages, we also have made it easy for developers to include their custom code and JS in our forms if you need that extra bit of control.

Fully Secure SSL 🔒

Having fully secure donation pages and forms is critical. All our forms and pages use robust SSL encryption & HTTP2 to ensure the highest standards.

And finally...

That’s not all. SmartRaise also offers a host of other features. Including Nudge Automation to upgrade donations and keep more donors giving for longer. Get in touch if you would like a demo.