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Raise more money,
Make more impact.

SmartRaise grows regular fundraising income for your campaign by making giving easy – so you can focus on making a difference.

Created by Brand Response, trusted by nonprofit orgs in Europe and Worldwide

206% better conversion,
128% greater amounts,
51% improved retention*

Donation Forms & Pages

Frictionless Online Conversions

High-converting donation forms and pages are supplied fully customized to your brand – with no coding required.

Nudge Automation & AI

One click donor upgrading and retention

Sit back as donors upgrade themselves automatically with a single click. Use an ideal combination of abandoned cart recovery, charge attempts, email outreach, and support escalations to recover failed payments automatically – without the risk of frustrating your supporters.

Our nudge technology sends fewer, better emails. SmartRaise automates critical tasks behind the scenes, resulting in fewer support issues and extended donor lifetime.

One click Upgrades

When done right, asking for small increases in monthly giving can have a massive impact. SmartRaise lets you set up automatic suggested upgrade amounts based on donors’ giving history, with a subsequent upgrade process that is simple and friction-free.

Abandoned card and failed payment

To ensure no donation goes unfinished, our abandoned cart reminder steps in to re-engage donors. For payment hiccups, we make corrections straightforward by leading donors to a streamlined, one-click update page that doesn’t require a login. All automatically.

Right message, right time

100% automated recovery and upgrade campaigns using tactics proven by years of optimization. Activate, instantly recover, and upgrade donors in a considerate and unintrusive manner.

One-time Donors to Recurring

With SmartRaise, you can automatically ask one-time donors to consider upgrading to monthly via a fully automated workflow. Monthly donations help you predict your budget, strategically plan growth and focus on creating impact rather than fundraising.

Intelligent retry, Smart retry

In case of payment problems, our intelligent retry and smart retry schedules always kick in before the donor is contacted: Machine learning technology automatically retries the donor's card or bank account at an optimized time. That means sending fewer but more effective emails.

Beautiful, transactional emails

Speak to your donors in your own voice, including your unique brand on donation receipts, card updates, and notifications. Depending on your selected plan, we can even set up and draft the emails for you to edit.

Powerful safeguards ensure no donors churn ‘passively’

Set up high-value opportunity alerts directly to your team. Expert email deliverability monitoring ensures supporters actually see your messages!

CRM & Integrations

Build Relationships, Scale Faster

Streamline your processes and automate daily tasks. With native integration for NationBuilder, we also integrate fully with several other CRM systems such as Salesforce NPSP, Microsoft Dynamics and more, via Zapier.

Strengthen supporter relationships

See a complete picture of your supporters by integrating donor data with all your key tools.

Smarter reporting

With data synced in real time, fundraisers and finance teams can make data-driven decisions.

Unlock new productivity

Automate critical tasks with 3000+ trusted tools that can be connected to via Zapier, including Slack and SMS.

Real-time data

Use webhooks to Push data to your chosen third-party systems in real time, so your external systems stay synced.

Custom integrations

Need a specific workflow? Our solutions team can help build out custom integrations tailored to your needs.

Churn Over: how to keep more donors for longer ✌️

There’s nothing worse than losing good donors to failed payments or bad communication.

Payment Solutions

Hyper-Local, Global Reach

Process payments worldwide and in over 130 currencies via partnerships with leading payment providers Stripe and GoCardless. Go beyond credit and debit cards with local direct bank payments and global direct debit. Open Data allows you to retain complete control.

Tailored to you

Conversions increase by up to 46% after local payment options are enabled. Accept the most popular bank debit payment option in over 30 countries, including the UK, Eurozone, the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Reduce churn

Collect up to 97.5% of payments successfully, at the first time of asking. Nudge donors onto the most effective and lowest-cost direct debit options.

On any device

Responsive checkout ensures an optimal experience across mobile, tablet, and desktop, and you can offer Apple Pay and Google Pay out of the box.

Reduce friction

Let donors reuse their payment information with address auto-complete, 1-click payment using Link with Stripe, and real-time card validation.


Go global and delight your supporters by giving them the option to choose their donation currency on your forms.

Security and GDPR

Donations are processed directly with PCI-certified providers. We use robust SSL encryption & HTTP2 to ensure the highest standards. All of our hosting and processors are in Europe.

People really like SmartRaise

Trusted by orgs in Europe & Worldwide

It's a super-fast, simple, efficient way of engaging donors and members. Works great and does exactly as promised!
Stuart Melvin, Acorn Communities
Unlike many companies SmartRaise care deeply about the experience we have working with them. They love to hear our ideas for improving the tech, and have an amazing track record for turning ideas into live solutions.
Johnny Chatterton, Director of Campaign Technology and Innovation, Good Law Project
Outstanding, a real game-changer for online fundraisers. Donor retention is vital.
David R.
Their customer service is sensational, which is why we always encourage people to consider using them.
Andreea Atudorei, Digital Transformation Manager, Good Law Project
Being both a US 501c(3) and UK registered Charity, we needed a way to effectively collect recurring donations in both USD, GBP, EUR and other currencies. SmartRaise does this reliably and syncs the data to our CRM, so everything is now in one place. We’ve seen our recurring revenue grow and admin costs go down.
Laura S.
In the UK Direct Debit is critical for donor retention. The SmartRaise team helped us quickly set up a custom integration; they understood the process, and the service was excellent.
Molly G.

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Simple Pricing that scales

SmartRaise pays for itself (and then some)


For growing fundraising income
0% Added
  • Custom Branded Donation Pages
  • Local Payments via Card & Direct Debit
  • Custom Branded Email Receipts
  • Nudge Automations
  • Intelligent retry, Smart retry
  • CRM Integration
  • Top-class support


For teams scaling-up their org
  • Donor retention campaigns ready-made
  • Donor upgrade campaigns ready-made
  • High-value opportunity alerts
  • White-glove onboarding and customization
  • Advanced segmentation and API workflows
  • Instantly level up donor experience
  • Senior account manager

Open Data

Your donors, Your data

You wouldn't start an email newsletter on a platform that doesn't let you export email addresses. But many non-profits are running donations on platforms that don't give them access or control of their donor payment data. Whoever controls the payment and subscription data controls your cash flow. You don't really have control if you can't leave a platform without leaving your donors behind. We are 100% committed to open data and subscriptions.

*51% is the weighted average improvement in retention rate seen across a cohort of clients based on comparable dunning best practices industry data. 206% is based on the average conversion rate seen by 2 masked clients serving 10,000 page views over a two month period vs M&R Benchmarks study figures. 128% is based on the weighted average donation amount from a cross-section of clients vs M&R Benchmarks study figures. We think it is misleading to promise specific retention, conversion or donation uplift rates as there are so many variables at play, so we don't guarantee results - but we do believe our clients are doing pretty damn well 👍