“Seemless data-sync with NationBuilder”

Digital fundraising
at the next-level

SmartRaise adds a powerful new layer of automated tools and machine learning to grow, retain and scale up your NationBuilder fundraising campaigns.

206% better conversion
128% greater amounts,
51% improved retention*

Created by Brand Response, trusted by nonprofit orgs in Europe and Worldwide

Want to level up your

NationBuilder fundraising?

Building a community is hard work. Use nudge automations to recover failed payments and raise more sustainable income. NationBuilder is a fantastic service to grow your campaigns and community. Combining NationBuilder with SmartRaise takes your fundraising to the next level by automating critical tasks and increasing conversion rates.


See a complete picture of your supporters by automatically sending your donor data to your nation.

Better recurring payments

Our official partnership with GoCardless means you can radically lower your churn rate and reduce transaction costs.

New! Native NationBuilder v2 donation page support

Drop in Direct Debit and Bank Debit functionality directly onto your NationBuilder donation pages for a seamless user experince.

New! Radically improve retention and giving uplift!

Leverage unique nudge automations to recover failed payments, convert one-time donors to recurring supporters, and raise more from existing donors.

Feel the Churn: how to keep more donors for longer ✌️

Nothing is worse than losing good donors to failed payments or bad communication.

Simple Pricing that scales

SmartRaise pays for itself (and then some)


For growing fundraising income
0% Added
  • Custom Branded Donation Pages
  • Local Payments via Card & Direct Debit
  • Custom Branded Email Receipts
  • Nudge Automations
  • Intelligent retry, Smart retry
  • NationBuilder Integration
  • Top-class support


For teams scaling-up their org
  • Donor retention campaigns ready-made
  • Donor upgrade campaigns ready-made
  • High-value opportunity alerts
  • White-glove onboarding and customization
  • Advanced segmentation and API workflows
  • Instantly level up donor experience
  • Senior account manager
*51% is the weighted average improvement in retention rate seen across a cohort of clients based on comparable dunning best practices industry data. 206% is based on the average conversion rate seen by 2 masked clients serving 10,000 page views over a two month period vs M&R Benchmarks study figures. 128% is based on the weighted average donation amount from a cross-section of clients vs M&R Benchmarks study figures. We think it is misleading to promise specific retention, conversion or donation uplift rates as there are so many variables at play, so we don't guarantee results - but we do believe our clients are doing pretty damn well 👍