SmartRaise Partners 🙌

Want to help your clients to run more effective fundraising or membership programmes by using nudge automations and machine learning?

Grow your business by offering the most innovative tools on the market and offering a bespoke fundraising platform fully customized to your needs.

And earn significant revenue share.

Network Consultants

Professionals in working with nonprofit and membership organisations, typically network consultants work with clients on digital projects or deliver fundraising campaigns. Becoming a SmartRaise network consultant gives you:

  • Access to training and marketing tools
  • Sandbox accounts for product demos
  • Early product roadmap updates
  • Direct access to our team
  • Earn revenue from referrals

Agency and Design Partners

Typically agency and design partners offer website design and development or full campaign delivery services on behalf of their clients. Becoming a SmartRaise Agency and Design Partner gives you:

  • Build full custom user experiences with HTML, CSS and JS
  • Whitelabel the fundraising platform to your customer’s needs
  • Easy design and developer experience with templates
  • Even host the front-end (with our headless JAM stack architecture)
  • Integrate with any of your favourite CMS or CRM systems
  • Earn revenue from referrals

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