Growing membership of Groen 🌱

The Flemish Green Party, to 10,000+

The Challenge

Groen is a political party working to build a humane, healthy and fair society focused on equal opportunities. Groen are champions of environmental respect: they are aim for a world in which quality of life for humans and animals goes hand in hand with fertile soil, pure water and clean air.

With the 2019 elections on the horizon, Groen partnered with us for a major transformation of their digital infrastructure, focusing on their donation and membership system.

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The new system needed to integrate certain payment workflows ‘Bancontact’ and ‘Domiciliëring’ - which were critical to the local market in Belgium.

Our brief was to introduce better design solutions to drive mobile giving and encourage regular donations, growing the party’s income from recurring fundraising and membership, to allow them to focus on making a difference as the 2019 elections approached.

The Solution

Our platform SmartRaise provided a foundation for the new infrastructure, with out-of-the-box support for the desired payment types and more. In addition, our designers were able to fully customize the platform to align it with Groen’s visual language and new website.

Utilizing best practices throughout the UX and UI facilitated frictionless online conversions and encouraged regular donations from the party’s supporters and members. In addition, the success of the new digital solution was boosted thanks to the implementation of a custom-designed and carefully tested checkout, with an easy-to-use step by step process.

Common user pain points were carefully identified and overcome in creating the new form structure. SmartRaise makes it easy for supporters to update their details, directing them to mobile-optimized, easy-to-use forms.

The SmartRaise platform uses a combination of charge attempts, email outreach, and support escalations to recover failed payments automatically without frustrating the party’s supporters. With SmartRaise, Groen could automate several processes, allowing the team to strategically plan growth and focus on creating impact rather than fundraising.

Our professional services team worked with their CRM NationBuilder to synchronize data and complete automation, giving Groen real-time member data to work with, all rationalized in one central hub. This information proved to be critical for the party’s digital campaigns.

The Results

The membership and donation system was responsible for a rapid increase in membership seen before the election, with over 10,000 members reached. As a result, the party saw great success in the 2019 elections.

“SmartRaise demonstrated an excellent understanding of our wishes and created a set up that exactly matches our needs. Their quick service and in-depth problem solving has resulted in great product improvements.” - Loes Van Cleemput, Groen